Demuxed tv Demuxed tv

The Conference for Video Engineers

October 12th-13th, 2022, San Francisco.

Circle the dates, book your flights, and start writing that talk proposal, cause the band is back together for the 8th time (yes, that feels like a big number to us too). Demuxed 2022 is October 12th and 13th in San Francisco and streaming live to The Internet for everyone that can't join in person.

If you're not familiar with Demuxed, it's a community for and by developers that work with online video. This is the place for the people that see large, angry bunny rabbits in their dreams, and annoy everyone else at the viewing party by talking about the artifacts in that fireworks scene. We're the folks that love (and sometimes hate) the #1 use of the Internet, and this is where we get together and talk about building it.

Want to get involved? Amazing, we'd love that! The call for proposals is open now (big button below). There will be a bias for speakers that can join us in person, but please submit a talk either way! We're also looking for sponsors, so if you're looking to get your company involved in the community, or just personally want to see your name in Demuxed lights, drop us an email (the other big button below) and we'll send you the prospectus.